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Adult Soccer Leagues

Friday Coed Adult Soccer League |
Coed Soccer Holiday Cup Tournament

The Phoenix Adult Soccer League was established in 2001 for the purpose to offer adult soccer on Saturday.  There are no other Saturday adult soccer leagues in the valley that play in the morning and afternoon.  The adult soccer league is sanctioned by the USSF soccer governing body so we follow the rules of the game.   We take the extra steps to be a sanctioned soccer league to help maintain quality soccer matches for our soccer players.  In addition we often attract various soccer clubs, individuals that are passionate about the sport.  The adult soccer league has various skill levels.  We have some casual soccer players and we also have ex-pro soccer players.

On Friday night we offer coed soccer and then on Saturday we have a men’s soccer league that doesn’t have any restrictions and an adult men’s soccer league that’s geared to Over 35 players.  We run a soccer tournament in December.  The soccer tournament is usually coed soccer but on occasion we offer a men’s soccer tournament.

We do not offer youth soccer in our league.  Our liability insurance covers adult soccer players.  If you’re looking for youth soccer then let us know and we can help you find a league.

Free Agent form

The links below are for our different soccer leagues.


Soccer Free Agents:

If you’re new to the sport of soccer or a skilled soccer player and want to join the league, great!  Click on the link below and it will take you to our soccer free agent page.  To register with the soccer league is simple, just a few basic questions.  Your time is better spent on the soccer field and not filling out some form online.  Free Agent form

Soccer Golden Boot Award:

The Phoenix Adult Soccer League tracks goals scored for each division.  We display the goal scorers on each web page.  At the end of the season we award the Golden Boot, an award in soccer for the most goals scored, to the individual that has the most scores.

Soccer Rosters:

Our soccer league is affiliated.  That means our league is sanctioned by the USSF soccer governing body.  One requirement they have is that we maintain rosters of our soccer players.  The soccer roster can be modified for a short duration before we lock them down.  The purpose for doing this is to ensure the soccer clubs do not recruit players from other soccer clubs in the league to build a dominate team.  The goal for our adult soccer league is to have parity and make the games enjoyable, not to have one team recruit the best talent from each team.

PASL Roster

Soccer Jerseys

Every soccer team is required to get matching soccer jerseys with numbers on the back.  We require the soccer players to have this in order to help our certified soccer refs with tracking the Golden Boot goals.  In order to make this requirement convenient we partnered with Explosion Sportswear to make our soccer jerseys at a discounted rate.

Soccer Jersey Policy

Soccer Jersey Page

Soccer Payments:

Our league offers several ways for soccer teams and soccer players to make their payments.  Our primary method for collecting the soccer fees is using PayPal at our online store.  If you desire we also accept Venmo for the soccer payments.  We let the soccer free agents pay the league directly and credit whatever soccer team they plan to join.  This allows our new soccer players a sense of ease knowing they’re paying the league directly instead of a soccer captain they have not met before.

Player Responsibilities:

There are a few rules we request our soccer players follow.  Therefore we created a page to outline some soccer player responsibilities and expectations.  Please take a few moments to look over the webpage and let the soccer league know if you have any questions.  Click here: Soccer Player responsibilities

Team Captains:

We completed some items for our adult soccer teams to be informed.  The items help with finding soccer jerseys, some basic rules, and expectations.  Soccer Captain’s Information

Soccer Free Agents:

Our adult soccer league receives hundreds of emails each season wanting to join our league.  To help accommodate our new adult soccer players find a suitable soccer team we created a soccer free agent page.  The page will help outline what is needed from each soccer player as well as what they can expect to see.  Soccer Free Agents

Soccer Medical Coverage:

Playing soccer is a physical sport.  We try to avoid the physical contact involved in soccer but players still get hurt.  The soccer league only has liability coverage which covers the city, we do not provide full medical coverage for our soccer players.  We strongly suggest each soccer player find suitable insurance before playing the game.  Be cautious and get proper coverage, adult soccer is demanding on the body and the league is not responsible for injuries.

Everyone needs to sign a waiver before playing. (PASL Waiver)

Soccer Forms:

Some fun soccer forms for our players and captains to complete.

PASL Waiver

PASL Roster

Soccer Rules