About Us

About Us

The Phoenix Adult Soccer League (PASL) provides recreational soccer leagues in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Each year we have thousands of players making PASL the place to meet and compete in soccer with your friends.  We’re one of the largest soccer leagues due to what we offer, great quality leagues and some of the lowest rates in the valley.   Due to these principles, we continue to have a thriving soccer league.

We started our soccer league as the old Motorola soccer league which consisted of seven teams in 2000.   We’ve grown from seven teams offering soccer leagues on one day to offering soccer leagues on multiple days.  At this stage, we plan to focus on offering quality soccer leagues on Friday and Saturday.

The future of the PASL will focus on offering top quality soccer leagues in the east valley.  This is done by managing our leagues to ensure everyone enjoys themselves while playing in a casual league.


Phillip Montgomery

League Director

Phillip is a League Director for PASL managing the Friday night co-ed soccer and Saturday soccer.  He’s been running leagues since 2001 and helped grow the league from seven soccer teams to what it is today.  He’s happy to be part of a league that allows individuals to find friends while enjoying playing sports.



Bob Dianovsky

Referee Coordinator / League Assistant

Bob has worked with the league for several years and responsible for coordinating the referees in most of our leagues.  If you have an issue with a referee you can politely talk with him about your concerns and he will address them.