Heat Policy

Below is the Heat policy for the league.  Each participant has the responsibility to notify the league if at any time there is a concern about playing in the heat, if we overlooked anything.  Together we can continue to make the league a safe place to enjoy recreational soccer.

  • Everyone assumes the risk of playing in the heat, if there is a concern they should notify the league in writing and also not play.
  • Teams will be allowed to have guest players AFTER getting permission from the league.  We don’t want teams to bring in ringers just to win, but want to ensure teams have enough players to sub in the hot weather.
  • There will be mandatory cooling breaks.
  • The referees have the ability to stop the game at any time if they feel like the heat is too intense or see any player struggling.
  • The referees have the ability to remove any player that they see as having heat related issues.  That player can be replaced on the field, it’s not a red card situation, just taking precautions.
  • At any time the game can be halted by the players if they feel there is an unsafe condition such as excessive heat.  Would rather take a few minutes to ensure everyone is okay.