Soccer Jerseys

Soccer Jerseys

Every soccer player is required to have a matching jersey with numbers on the back.  This is required to help ensure we can track the Golden Boot award and help identify the soccer players.  In order to help the soccer clubs we partnered with Explosion Sportswear to simplify bringing low cost jerseys to the soccer teams.  Soccer teams can get jerseys from any supplier, we’re just trying to simplify the process.  In addition we can get additional soccer jerseys in the future.  If you buy replica kits your entire soccer team will need to buy new ones every couple seasons as the style changes with the pros.

Jersey Styles and Colors

We have two styles of  jerseys for our soccer clubs to select from if you go through our league.  The first one is a Gildan 5000 and the other one is a SporTec ST350.  The Gildan 5000 shirt is the basic 100% cotton style.  The SporTec ST350 shirt is a polyester light weight one that is great when it gets warm.

Polyester Colors


If you have a business willing to sponsor your team great!  We can remove the Phx Soccer logo from the front of the soccer jerseys and put their business logo there.  The best way to get a sponsor is to frequent an establishment and make connections.  Show them that you regularly visit their place.  Then ask them if they want to sponsor your soccer team.  Even asking for a small sponsorship, can’t hurt.


Team Selection / Shirt Size
Captains and Players!!!  Please read.  In order for us to order jerseys we need to do it in batches.  Therefore we limit the time when you can order shirts in an effort to get a decent number together.  This is normally at the start of each season, but if your not sure simply email us:

Individual ordering is simple!

  • Make sure that we’re ordering jerseys at this time, remember we do them in batches to keep the cost low.
  • Complete the form.
  • If your team is not listed then make sure to let us know what color we should order.
  • After completing the form make the payment at the bottom of the page.
  • We will get an email regarding the payment.  If you have any questions simply ask:  (

Team Ordering:

  • Make sure that we’re ordering jerseys at this time, remember we do them in batches to keep the cost low.
  • Complete the Jersey Order Form and submit it to the league.  (You can also simply email the league what shirt sizes, shirt colors, ink color for the numbers, if you want polyester or cotton shirts, and the number you want.)
  • Make the payment below.  You will be able to change the quantify of jerseys you need in the checkout cart.

Jersey Orders
Polyester Shirt
Polyester Shirt

Polyester Shirt

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