Phoenix Rising autographs

Phx Rising with My Son

What an amazing experience my son and I had at the Phx Rising soccer match!

This is my second time to a Phx Rising soccer game and the difference is incredible. I’ve been to a Phx Rising game last year and had an enjoyable experience.  The atmosphere was decent and the play on the field was good.  The seating arrangement is well thought out with every seat close the field.  To be honest, not sure if there is a bad seat in the Casino Arizona Field stadium.

Phx Rising Merchandise:

Last time I attended the Phx Rising soccer match they had merchandise locations at a couple make shift places.  Locations appeared to be temporary ones that are easily movable.  Now the store appears more permanent.  The new store allows you to walk around and get close to the various items.  In the past most of the merchandise was behind the counter and impossible to inspect without asking for assistance.

Food Selections:

This game my son and I were also quite amazed by the food selections.  The food options do not compare to highly priced stadiums, but still above par.  Besides a few local food trucks they brought in a BBQ grills in a converted semi-truck.  Talk about making a statement.  We already ate at The Thirsty Lion at Tempe Marketplace, but had thoughts about having a second dinner just to get up close to the grills.

Avid junior fan base

We sat in a section away from the Red Fury fan area so I was concerned about the energy level.  The Red Fury does a great job pumping the crowd up.  Fortunately we sat near a group of kids around the age of my son.  Half the enjoyment came from the kids yelling and trying their hand at commentary.  Before the half ended my son was chatting with the other kids.  They took turns looking over the roster lineup to picking their favorite player.  I’ve never seen my son so interested in a sporting event.  Part of the excitement is contributed to the young fan base which you could see throughout the stands.

Phoenix Rising autographs

Autograph Time:

The highlight of the night was getting autographs from most of the players.  I was impressed and appreciative that they would take the time to meet each young fan.  At first I figured it was an obligation they had as part of the team.  Yet after watching each player make their way down the line it appeared they truly enjoyed interacting with the fans.

You cannot beat the value a Phoenix Rising soccer game provides.  The cost of the tickets is well worth the entertainment value provided by the Phx Rising soccer club.  I do plan to make the Phx Rising soccer games a normal event.

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